Things to do while at our tiny homes resort.

Here at the Bending River Cove Tiny Homes we are located in a prime spot for place to go and travel to. Being only 15 minutes away from Lake City, 10 minutes from Wabasha, and only 10 minutes from crossing the river into Wisconsin into the town of Nelson there are plenty of options for you for places to go.

One of the biggest towns in the area is the city of Lake City. There are many options for you to enjoy while at Lake City. If you are someone who likes golf, the Jewel is a good stopping point for you. Then there are other stops for in the town including places like the Oak Center and visiting the Lake City Marina on Lake Pepin. There are some great places to eat that are located in the town also, including places like the Rail House and Lake House on Lake Pepin.

Two of the towns right next to us are called Reads Landing and Wabasha. These two towns are a bit smaller than Lake City but do have cozy feel to them also. The first town is Reads Landings is where the famous Reads Landing Brewery is located. They have great food and if you are someone who likes a cold pint with a great patio overlooking the lake than this is the place for you. Then in Wabasha there also some great places to go. A great attraction in the area is the National Eagle Center, where if you ever what to learn about our nations official bird this is the place for you. Another attraction in the area is a great and fabulous place where you can get all your kayak rentals and river tours called Broken Paddle.

The next set of destinations you can visit are across the river into Wisconsin. There are many places for you to go that are across the river from wineries of many different sizes and many different tastes to great places to eat and get some desert. One of the many questions we get asked is when people come down they asked if we do any tours of the area, one of our main things that we love to give are wine tours. We go to places like Maiden Rock Cidery, Villa Bellezza, and the Nelson Creamery. Then there are many other places to eat and visit while you are on the Wisconsin side. If you have food still in mind then we recommend going to places like J&J Barbecue and the Stone Barn are great places too.

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